The original idea that guitarist Jiffy Marx and bassist C.C.Voltage had for this project was more about starting a band that would tour to sunny destinations than starting a new wave band, but it was their mutual admiration for punk and power pop that brought the two together. Along with drummer The Silo, the three had been connected through the Vancouver music scene, sharing stages, friends and even band members in seminal acts such as Jerk With a Bomb, The Spitfires, Blood Meridian, Lightning Dust, Hard Drugs, Black Halos, Black Rice and Black Mountain.

It’s no coincidence that the three Vancouver musicians chose the German word “Autogramm” as the name of their band. It began as an idea in Berlin, Germany- the city that Mayor Klaus Wowereit called “poor but sexy”- in 2014 where Voltage had been living and playing with Dysnea Boys. When Marx moved back to Vancouver from Brooklyn in 2010, he and The Silo began working on demos for a future project. When Marx and Voltage decided to start a band together some of these songs would influence the musical direction the band would take. CC had also been writing songs with another old friend - Rich Jones from Black Halos and Michael Monroe - and some of these demos also became Autogramm songs. From the drawing board to fruition, the power-pop trio was complete when C.C. moved back to Vancouver in 2017.

By this point The Silo had left Black Mountain to play in Destroyer, who's latest critically acclaimed album "Ken" he also produced. While vacationing together in Mexico, Jiffy Marx asked The Silo to play in his new band with C.C. Voltage and as they say, the rest is history. The three began rehearsing the songs as a three piece with Marx simultaneously playing the keyboard and guitar parts while everyone contributed vocals. Within a year of forming, they recorded and released their first single on Denver's Snappy Little Numbers, made a trip to California which garnered them interest from multiple labels including Nevado Music.

Currently the band is celebrating the release of their first full-length, What R U Waiting 4? on Nevado, with several trips including tours with Seattle’s Bread & Butter, Atlanta’s Gringo Star, Vancouver’s Needles//Pins and Maniac from Los Angeles. Autogramm has started recording again, with a new single and a split-single on the way, and are currently booking tours in the US, Mexico and Europe for 2019.


Vocals, Guitar, Synth / Jiffy Marx
Bass / C.C Voltage
Drums / The Silo





Listen to the new album 'What R U Waiting 4?' here. Also available on Spotify and Apple Music.



December 16 The Lido Vancouver with Bread & Butter


January 4 Alex’s Long Beach with Barf Bag and Telephone Lovers

January 6 Redwood DTLA with Radio Hearts, Images and Color TV

March 23 Biltmore with LOUISE Burns, Youngblood and Cave Boy

March 24 Lay Low Tavern Pdx with Love Sores and Bread & Butter

March 25 Little Red Lion Eureka with Bread & Butter

March 26 Ivy Room with Jesus and the Dinosaurs, electric machine gun tits and Bread & Butter

March 27 Streetlight records Santa Cruz with Bread & Butter

March 28 Elbo Room SF with B. Hamilton and Bread & Butter

March 29 Duffy’s Chico CA with Bread & Butter and Mr Malibu

March 31 Clock Out Seattle with Bread & Butter and Head Band

April 1st SBC with Sore Point and Corner Boys

June 17th with Howlin Rain and Ashley Shadow

June 29 Timewarp Records LA with Band Apart, F-71, Grapevine and Terminal A

June 30 Doll Hut Anaheim with Feel Good Cult, Anti Polished and Shut Up!

June 30 Ham & Eggs DTLA with Pretty Flowers and Appian Way

July 1st with Color Tv, Red Channel and Nico Bones

July 2nd Til Two SAN Diego with F-71 and Lil Evil

July 3 Redwood LA with Jon and the Vons and Allergic Reactions and Sweet Shakers

July 6 Funhouse Seattle with Deep Creep and Dyed

July 7 Pub 340 with Storc and Rinse Dream

August 4 Wheelies Victoria with Snakies

August 5 The Vault Nanaimo with Snakies

September 13 The Fox with LOUISE Burns Ford Pier and Super Moon

September 19 Hihat LA with Gringo Star

September 20 Bottom Of the HILL SF with Gringo Star and Everyone is Dirty

September 21 The Dip Redding CA with Gringo Star and Gringo

September 22 Bunk Bar PDX with Gringo Star and Perfect Buzz

September 23 Sunset Tavern with Gringo Star

October 19 Vitrola Montreal with Comet Control and The Letouts

October 20 Mavericks Ottawa with Comet Control, Slow Dawn and Tonto

October 21 Monarch Toronto with Comet Control and King Creep

November 2 Clock-out Seattle with Bread & Butter and Needles//Pins

November 3 High Water Mark PDX with Bread & Butter, Needles//Pins and Muscle Dungeon

November 8 Fortune Vancouver with Bread & Butter, Needles//Pins and Poison Mind

November 9 The Vault Nanaimo with Bread & Butter

November 10 Logan’s Victoria with Bread & Butter and Wept


January 3 The Redwood Bar & Grill with Holly & the Italians, Reflectors and Exploding Flowers

January 4 Moustache Bar Ti


Tijuana, Mexico



4th Street VIne


Long Beach, CA, United States

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